Sorting the Paperwork

What do I do with my scrap car’s registration certificate?

If you have your registration certificate (V5C), you should keep the yellow section 9 (V5C/3) and hand over the rest to the driver when they collect your car. You’ll need to fill in the name and address of the local branch, they will help you with this.

Do I need to contact DVLA?

You’ll be told if you need to get in touch with DVLA. If you do need to, you’ll be told everything you need to contact them.

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

A Certificate of Destruction is a DVLA document. It is issued by the local branch when they recycle your scrap car, using an electronic link to the DVLA’s vehicle registration database. This certificate is proof that you’ve disposed of your scrap car correctly and prevents you from being fined.

You should sign the certificate in the ‘Holder/Owner’ section and keep it for your records.

What does a DVLA Certificate of Destruction look like?

An official DVLA Certificate of Destruction looks like the image below:

It has the DVLA logo, ‘Certificate of Destruction’ written under the logo, a unique 12 digit certificate number, the date that the certificate was issued and the signature of a representative of the local branch which recycled your scrap car.

Will I get a Certificate of Destruction?

If your car is scrapped, the local branch will request a Certificate of Destruction from the DVLA online. However, sometimes it’s not possible to issue one, in this case you will be instructed to get in touch with DVLA.

Can anyone issue a Certificate of Destruction?

No, a Certificate of Destruction can only be issued by a scrap car recycling centre which has an Authorised Treatment Facility permit.

How will I get my Certificate of Destruction?

You’ll be sent a copy of your certificate by email. If you don’t have an email address a copy can be sent by post.

When will I get my Certificate of Destruction?

You’ll usually be sent a copy of your Certificate of Destruction within 24 hours of your car being recycled.

If it doesn’t arrive within 2-3 days, you should post the completed section 9 (V5C/3) of your registration certificate to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BD.

What if I don’t have my registration certificate?

If you need to notify DVLA and you haven’t got the registration certificate, you should write to DVLA telling them that you no longer own the car. You should include the name and address of the local branch, the make and model of your car, the registration number and the date of sale.

Will I get any confirmation from DVLA?

If you’ve received a Certificate of Destruction, you won’t get any additional confirmation from DVLA.

If you’ve been in touch with DVLA yourself, you should get a letter from them confirming that you’re no longer responsible for the car. If you don’t get a letter within four weeks, you should contact DVLA.

Will I get any penalties if I don’t notify DVLA?

If DVLA records are not updated correctly when you sell your scrap car, you could get an £80 fine, be liable for any traffic offence penalties carried out in it, well as for paying tax in arrears, County Court Judgements, a fine of £1,000 and even be liable to prosecution.

The Certificate of Destruction and written confirmation from DVLA (which you should receive if you’ve notified DVLA yourself) are both proof that DVLA have been notified.

How do I prove my identity?

When you sell a scrap car you have to confirm your identity. All you need is a current photocard driving licence, as this confirms your name, date of birth and residential address.

If you don’t have a photocard driving licence, you can show:

a valid UK or EU passport, or a valid UK biometric immigration document,

along with one of the follow proofs of address;

a bank statement, a credit or debit card statement, a council tax statement, or a utility bill (not a mobile phone bill).

How do I keep my personalised registration?

If you have a personalised registration that you want to keep, you have to transfer or retain it before you sell your car, otherwise you’ll lose it.

How do I reclaim unused road tax?

If there’s still some tax left on your car, DVLA will refund any complete months that remain automatically when you sell your car.

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