Arranging Collection

How do I arrange a date and time for collection?

After you’ve accepted your scrap car quote, the local branch will get in touch with you by email or phone to arrange a convenient time for collection. They will aim to contact you within four working hours after you’ve accepted your quote. You’ll be able to tell us if you’d rather be contacted at a certain time. If they haven’t been able to contact you before the end of the working day, they will try again on the morning of the next working day.

If you have a preferred collection date and time, just let us know when you accept your quote and the local branch will do their best to meet it.

When can you collect my scrap car?

After you’ve accepted our quote, the local branch will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time to collect your scrap car. Most collections are arranged within two working days of you accepting your quote.

Collections are usually from Monday to Saturday between 7am and 7pm. Please let us know if you’re in a hurry, or you need your car collected at a time that is earlier or later than this, or on a Sunday.

If you have a preferred collection date and time, you’ll have the chance to tell us before you accept your quote. It helps if you can give us a four hour window for collection, such as between 1pm and 5pm.

If you tell us your mobile number, you’ll be sent a text to remind you of your collection nearer the time.

You may be contacted via text, email or phone, depending on the contact details you’ve provided, in line with our privacy policy.

Does my scrap car need to be accessible for collection?

No, we’ll attempt to collect your car if it’s in an awkward location. Though, unless you tell us otherwise we’ll assume your car is accessible for collection.

If you tell us that your car isn’t easily accessible after you’ve had a quote, we’ll tell you whether or not we need to adjust the quote. If we do adjust the quote, there’s no obligation for you to go ahead.

By accessible we mean that your car is parked on solid ground and that it has inflated tyres, so it can be safely winched onto a recovery vehicle for collection. Please make sure you tell us if your car isn’t accessible, for example if your car is blocked in, the steering is locked or the tyres are flat, as this could affect the collection of your car and accordingly the validity of the quote.

What happens when you collect my scrap car?

You’ll need the following ready:

  1. your identification;
  2. your car keys (including any locking wheel nut or electronic keys and security codes) if you have them;
  3. your documents (such as the registration certificate, service history and MOT certificate) if you have them;
  4. and finally, don’t forget to remove your personal belongings and any rubbish.

On the collection day the driver will:

  1. check that your car matches your quote;
  2. check and take a copy of your identification;
  3. take care of any DVLA paperwork;
  4. sort out the payment for your car.

What is my reference number?

You’ll get a reference number, which uses the format ‘CC-0000-000000’, when you get a quote. It will be shown on any emails you receive. Your reference number guarantees the price we’ve quoted.

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